Water treatment

The need to solve the alarming rate of increase in water contaminants in potable and sewage water saw the emergence of Shell based Activated Carbon in granular and powdered form. They help in the removal of Colour, Taste and Odour (CTO) from potable and processed water. Simultaneously, we believe in developing technologies that mitigate the scarce water resources in the world and alleviate the carbon footprints of water.

  • Industrial and municipal waste water treatment

Activated carbon is a well known adsorbent in removing aromatic compounds including phenol and bis – phenol A(BPA), Chlorinated/halogenated organic compounds, Adsorbable Organic Halogens (AOX), Non – biodegradable organic compounds (COD) and other colour compounds and dyestuffs.

CLEAN CARBON Pvt ltd is manufacturing a wide range of Activated Carbon suitable for removing contamination from industrial waste water. Activated Carbon is considered as the world's best known adsorbent to use in applications such as Process Effluent, Washing Effluent, Ground water Remediation, Mercury Removal etc. Non biodegradable toxic substances or pollutants are adsorbed well by Activated Carbon.

  • Scope of Applications of AC
  • Process Effluent
  • Washing Effluent
  • Swimming Pools & Aquariums
  • Mercury Removal
  • Boiler Condensate
  • Groundwater Remediation
  • Pesticides Removal
  • Drinking water treatment

Activated Carbon is widely used as the adsorbent in the municipal water treatment plants. Activated Carbon is mainly used for chlorine and organics removal in drinking water treatment applications. Removal of organics from chlorinated potable water is essential to prevent formation of trihalomethanes(THMs) – a class of carcinogens. Activated Carbon is used in point-of-entry(POE) and point-of-use(POU) filters to remove taste, odor and color in drinking water.

Scope of Applications of AC
  • Municipal Water Treatment Plants
  • POE and POU Filters
  • Desalination Systems
  • Ultra pure water industry

In certain industries the highest purity water is required to ensure the success of the process. CLEAN CARBON's Activated Carbon can be used in the manufacturing of Ultra Pure Water.

Scope of Applications of AC
  • Ultra Pure Water for Electronics Industry