About Us

It has been an ardent endeavour to provide value based purification solutions in the activated carbon industry with our superior quality products and services. Clean Carbon was born with this aspiration in mind, with one of the best cocnut producing state kerala, India, to produce our flagship product, Coconut Shell based Activated Carbon. Activated carbon strategically purifies and removes contaminants and pollutants from a variety of sources like water, air, gas, food and beverages, pharma products and precious metals.

Clean carbon thus began manufacturing an extensive range of sustainable products that are biologically safe and ecologically friendly for consumption. We offer a plethora of products and services just to serve all our customers. As an ISO 9001 certified company, we employ cutting edge technology to deliver quality and purity to customers worldwide. We continuously strive to enhance the technology to keep abreast of the trends in the industry. We pride ourselves in offering green solutions for your living, taking the twin factors, Purity and Reliability as our hallmark, for over two decades.

India ranks number one in the total coconut production in the world and South India shares 90% of them. The availability of coconut in abundance and the superior quality of the shells are some of the key factors which make Indian Charcoal stand out in International arena. Clean carbon has been manufacturing the raw material in its own state facility in Kerala, the southwestern tip of India. Often referred as the hub of coconut industries in India. The name Kerala is derived from the Sanskrit word ‘keralam’ meaning ‘ land of coconut trees’

We work to ensure that ethical and sound business practices are being observed at Clean carbon and we thrive on each other to produce and deliver the best. We commit ourselves to deliver quality products of utmost purity. In the process, we are also conscious of the impact our factory has on the environment. Reducing the greenhouse gas emissions and our carbon footprint on earth is our prime goal with regards to environment. Coconut shells that are used as raw materials are obtained from nature and emit no Greenhouse gases