We live in a world of urbanization which has led to a life fraught with pollution. Shell Activated Carbon adsorbs organic (Volatile Organic Compounds) as well as certain inorganic molecules and odour from air in order to purify the environment around. This is carried out through Vapour Phase range of products from Vas Carbons. Activated Carbon acts like a mantra or the magic wand which cleans up harmful chemicals such asVolatile Organic Compounds (VOC) from air in a whiff. It cleans up cabin air in flights, emissions fromautomobiles, perfumes from homes, odorous harmful compounds from factories, polluted air inpublic places and odorous gases from sewage water treatment.

  • industrial air purification

Activated Carbon is a proven adsorbent in air purification process. It is used in many industries where air treatment is required. Flue gas cleaning, waste gas treatment, compressor air treatments are some of the applications of Activated Carbon. In the incineration process municipal solid waste, hazardous industrial waste, medical waste and sewage sludge results in the formation of flue gas. These gases, contains dioxins and heavy metals like mercury and cadmium which can be effectively removed by specially designed Activated Carbon.

  • Scope of Applications of AC
  • Flue gas cleaning
  • Municipal solid waste incineration
  • Industrial and hazardous waste incineration
  • Medical waste incineration
  • Sewage sludge incineration
  • Breathing Air Purification

CLEAN CARBON manufactures high grade impregnated and virgin Activated Carbon for personal protection equipments. Protection against toxic gases is one of the important uses of Activated Carbon. Gas masks and respirators containing Activated Carbon are widely used in warfare and industrial sites. Toxic gases such as hydrogen cyanide, cyanogen chloride, phosphine and arsine are effectively removed by our specially impregnated Activated Carbons. We manufactures Chromium free respiratory Activated Carbon.

Scope of Applications of AC
  • Industrial Mask
  • Military Mask
  • Underwater Breathing
  • Acid gas purification

One of the major impacts of industrialization on the environment is the emission of toxic acid gases to the atmosphere. In order to tackle the acid gas contamination in the air, high grade impregnated Activated Carbons are used in several industries all over the world. Acidic agents in the gases can destruct sensitive electronic equipment where it is generated and it is also proved to be destructive to the materials of incalculable value in museums.

Our specially manufactured high grade impregnated carbon is used to remove foul odors emitting from sewage water.

Scope of Applications of AC
  • Hydrogen Sulphide Removal
  • Libraries & Museums
  • Land Fill Gas
  • Corrosive Gas Contamination
  • Air Filters

Activated Carbon is widely used in room filters to adsorb formaldehyde which is found in carpet, wood paneling and furniture upholstery as these are allergens to those people who experience Multiple Chemical Sensitivity (MCS). Chemicals in household cleaning items and perfumes are removed using Activated Carbon. Cabin Air Filters which uses Activated Carbon as adsorbent can effectively remove odor, organics, sulfur dioxide, vehicle exhaust fumes and other pollutive gases in the Cabin.

  • Cigarette Filters

A known pit. An unknown legacy.Cigarette smoke has approximately over 5000 compounds. There are an estimated five million people losing their lives due to cigarette relatedillness, every year. Conventional filters do not have carbon, which fails to trap the harmful gases and impurities arising from cigarette smoke.Activated carbon acts as an adsorbent with high surface area of 1000 m2/g, thereby, removing formaldehyde, acetaldehyde, acetone and acrolein from cigarettes.We, at Vas Carbons, manufacture moisturized and non-moisturized granular coconut shell carbon and pass it on to cigarette and cigarette filter manufacturers. This helps the filters adsorb the carcinogens and other toxic ingredients that emerge out of tobacco smoke.How exactly does Activated Carbon fare againstCelluloseacetate?It was gathered that cigarettes with cellulose acetate contained significant Benzo semi quinone(p-BSQ), which results in 100-200 pg/cigarette. Activated Carbon filters reduce the amount of pBSQ in the mainstream smoke by 73-80%.